Pokésongs are songs about some aspect of Pokémon, based on the lyrics of famous real songs. Check out the list of Pokésongs currently available, or submit an idea for a new one. Names below the Pokésong title are of site visitors who suggested an idea or wrote the Pokésong themselves and sent it in; all other Pokésongs were concieved and written by me.
TitleTopicBased On
Can You Catch Me? Rare pokémon Silent Running
by Mike + The Mechanics
Codes Cheat codes Ya Got Trouble
by Meredith Willson
performed by Robert Preston
Don't Go Chasing Gyarados Raising too fast Waterfalls
by TLC
Do You Believe in the Pokégods? The Pokégods Believe
by Cher
Friend's Got a Ditto
Written by anonymous
Deadbeat pokémon Why Don't You Get a Job
by The Offspring
Get the Right Pokémon
Written by Rob Hayes
Picking a starting pokémon 19-2000
by Gorillaz
I Ain't Missingno. At All Block 'M Chip Missing You
by John Waite
I Can't Wait for Charizard
Written by Rob Hayes
Evolving Charmeleon Pirate Radio
by John Hiatt
I'm Lance's Dragon
Suggested by anonymous
Lance's Dragonite The Real Slim Shady
by Eminem
I'm Mew
Suggested by Gappap
Mew and Mewtwo Blue (Da Ba Dee)
by Eiffle 65
It's the End of the Road For All Trainers
Suggested by Phantasy
The Pokémon League Tournament It's the End of the World As We Know It
by REM
Lorelei, Accept My Challenge
Suggested by Bicman
Battling Lorelei Lorelei
My Rai Raichu...sort of My Guy
by Mary Wells
Pokémon, I Want You
Suggested by
Building the perfect team I Want You
by Savage Garden
The Safari Zone The Safari Zone Kokomo
by the Beach Boys
The Training Begins
Suggested by Master Scizor
Pokémon GS The Saga Begins
by "Weird Al" Yankovic
(based, in turn, on
American Pie
by Don McLean)
What Is Mew? Mew in Game Boy What Is Love?
by Haddaway
Your Diet's Crazy
Suggested by Superchu
Snorlax' eating habits Crazy
by Britney Spears