Pokégear Radio

Select background music from the Midis below! (Sorry, no digital music formats; WAVs are annoyingly large files and MP3s raise some legal questions I'd rather not be asked.) Clicking on a name will open a small window from which the Midi plays, so that you can still wander the site while the music plays. Click on the musical note in the music window to download the Midi if you want.

Poryhedron's Theme
Actually, this is the theme to the final level of the Classic NES game Shatterhand, but I think I can get away with using it as my theme, since very few people seem to know the game and I do love this theme so much. (Having said that, I don't suppose there are any other Shatterhand players out there?)

Classic Trainer Battle
The theme played in RBY trainer battles...not the remix played in Kanto trainer battles in GSC. Frankly, you can keep that one.

Classic Gym Theme
The theme played in RBY Pokémon Gyms, slightly enhanced for your listening pleasure.

Team Rocket's Song
No, not just the "Prepare for Trouble" bit, though that is in there. This is actually a Team Rocket theme song. Sadly, as a Midi it's lyricless, but I'm told the English lyrics are horrible anyway, compared to the original Japanese, and most of you probably couldn't understand the Japanese lyrics (I know I couldn't.)

Doom Castle Theme
This theme is an old favorite of mine from the game Final Fantasy fans love to diss: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

Axel F
The theme of a character from the old TV show Miami Vice, this Midi was used as the background music to the front page of my old web site, Poryhedron's Pokémon Data Archive (which is actually still up until I get the Pokédex here far enough to include all the information available there.)

Galaxy Police
Another non-video game theme, this comes from the anime series Tenchi Muyo!