Ditto! FAQ

If something about Ditto! Gary's Story has you stumped, the answer may be in these Frequently Asked Questions. If it's not, feel free to E-mail me!

Q: Where are the new pokémon? The new moves? The new cities?

A: They don't exist. This story's version of Red, Yellow and Blue Versions' future is different from the future shown in Gold and Silver versions. That's because I started work on this fanfic before Pokémon GS was out in Japan, much less America, and unlike the anime I don't intend to damage continuity by simply throwing in the new pokémon, moves and so forth.

Q: Why doesn't (fill in the blank) work the way it does in the game/anime?

A: The rules for the setting of Ditto! Gary's Story are mixed from those in the games and those in the anime. For example, the Pokéballs work mostly as they do in the anime, while experience levels work mostly as they do in the games. The two timelines have also been blended. Be on the lookout as well for things that I just plain made up, such as the Gym door guards (meant as a compromise between the lesser trainers in the games' Gyms and the total lack thereof in the anime.)

Q: Why do you keep saying anime? What's an anime and why's it italicized?

A: Anime, pronounced "animay", is a Japanese word meaning animation, or cartoons. It's italicized because it's a foreign word. Japanese anime is often more grown-up than American cartoons, but as Pokémon makes clear, this isn't always the case.

Q: What's with the pokémon icons that show up in the story?

A: That's pokémon speech. You can either hover your mouse over it or click on it (not all browsers support both methods) to find out what that pokémon is saying. If the main character in the scene can't understand pokémon language, however, then pokémon speech will just show up as an exact quote, such as "Squirtle Squirt!"

This section may get updated if other Questions get Asked Frequently enough.