Electrode #101
Electric 3'11", 147 lbs
HP:    SP:
AT:    DF:
SA:    SD:
Red/Blue/Yellow GS
LevelMove LevelMove
-Tackle -Tackle
-Screech -Screech
-SonicBoom -SonicBoom
-SelfDistruct -SelfDistruct
-Light Screen -Rollout
40Swift 34Light Screen
50Explosion 40Swift
 48Mirror Coat

Compatible TMs:
06: Toxic   09: Take Down   15: Hyper Beam
24: Thunderbolt   25: Thunder   30: Teleport
31: Mimic   32: Double Team   33: Reflect
34: Bide   36: SelfDistruct   39: Swift
44: Rest   45: Thunder Wave   47: Explosion
50: Substitute   HM5: Flash

02: Headbutt   03: Curse   04: Rollout
06: Toxic   07: Zap Cannon   10: Hidden Power
13: Snore   15: Hyper Beam   17: Protect
18: Rain Dance   20: Endure   21: Frustration
25: Thunder   27: Return   32: Double Team
34: Swagger   35: Sleep Talk   39: Swift
44: Rest   HM5: Flash
Voltorb Electrode
Level 30
It stores electric
energy under very
high pressure.
It often explodes
with little or no
Stores electrical
energy inside its
body. Even the
slightest shock
could trigger a
huge explosion.
Stores enormous
amounts of elect-
ricity within its
body and explodes
with the slightest
provocation. Ext-
remely dangerous.
It is dangerous.
If it has too much
electricity and
has nothing to do,
it amuses itself
by exploding.
It stores an over-
flowing amount of
electric energy
inside its body.
Even a small shock
makes it explode.
Red/Blue: Power Plant, Unknown Dungeon (Rare)
Cinnabar Island pokémon Labs (Only 1)
Yellow: Power Plant (Only 2)
Gold/Silver: Team Rocket's Mahogany Town base (only 3)