Muk #089
Poison 3'11", 66 lbs
HP:    SP:
AT:    DF:
SA:    SD:
Red/Blue/Yellow GS
LevelMove LevelMove
-Pound -Pound
-Disable -Poison Gas
-Poison Gas -Harden
-Minimize -Disable
-Sludge -Sludge
45Harden -Minimize
53Screech -Screech
60Acid Armor 45Acid Armor
 60Sludge Bomb

Compatible TMs:
06: Toxic   08: Body Slam   15: Hyper Beam
20: Rage   21: Mega Drain   24: Thunderbolt
25: Thunder   31: Mimic   32: Double Team
34: Bide   36: SelfDistruct   38: Fire Blast
44: Rest   47: Explosion   50: Substitute

01: DynamicPunch   03: Curse   06: Toxic
07: Zap Cannon   10: Hidden Power   11: Sunny Day
13: Snore   15: Hyper Beam   17: Protect
19: Giga Drain   20: Endure   21: Frustration
25: Thunder   27: Return   31: Mud-Slap
32: Double Team   33: Ice Punch   34: Swagger
35: Sleep Talk   36: Sludge Bomb   38: Fire Blast
41: ThunderPunch   44: Rest   45: Attract
46: Thief   48: Fire Punch
Grimer Muk
Level 38
Thicky covered
with a filthy,
vile sludge. It
is so toxic, even
its footprints
contain poison.
Smells so awful,
it can cause
fainting. Through
degeneration, it
lost its sense of
Becomes indistin- 
guishable if it
hides in dirt.
Touching its
body causes horr-
ible poisonings.
They love to gath-
er in smelly areas
where sludge
accumulates, mak-
ing the stench
around them worse.
Its body is made
of a powerful poi-
son. Touching it
accidentally will
cause a fever that
requires bed rest.
Red/Blue: Cinnabar Pokémon Mansion (Rare)
Yellow: Cinnabar Pokémon Mansion (Rare)
Gold/Silver: Routes 16-18, Celadon City pool (Rare in Day,
Uncommon at Night)