Rapidash #078
Fire 5'7", 209 lbs
HP:    SP:
AT:    DF:
SA:    SD:
Red/Blue/Yellow GS
LevelMove LevelMove
-Ember -Tackle
-Tail Whip -Growl
-Stomp -Tail Whip
-Growl -Ember
-Fire Spin -Stomp
47Take Down -Fire Spin
55Agility -Take Down
 40Fury Attack
 61Fire Blast

Compatible TMs:
06: Toxic   07: Horn Drill   08: Body Slam
09: Take Down   10: Double-Edge   15: Hyper Beam
20: Rage   31: Mimic   32: Double Team
33: Reflect   34: Bide   38: Fire Blast
39: Swift   40: Skull Bash   44: Rest
50: Substitute

02: Headbutt   03: Curse   06: Toxic
10: Hidden Power   11: Sunny Day   13: Snore
15: Hyper Beam   17: Protect   20: Endure
21: Frustration   23: Iron Tail   27: Return
32: Double Team   34: Swagger   35: Sleep Talk
38: Fire Blast   39: Swift   44: Rest
45: Attract
Ponyta Rapidash
Level 40
Very competitive,
this POKéMON will
chase anything
that moves fast
in the hopes of
racing it.
Just loves to run.
If it sees some-
thing faster than
itself, it will
give chase at top
Unable to restrain
itself from run-
ning after fast
trains or cars.
Capable of reach-
ing 150 mph at
full speed.
At full gallop,
its four hooves
barely touch the
ground because it
moves so incredib-
ly fast.
With incredible
acceleration, it
reaches its top
speed of 150 MPH
after running just
ten steps.
Red/Blue: none (must evolve Ponyta)
Yellow: none (must evolve Ponyta)
Gold/Silver: Route 28, Outside Mt. Silver (Uncommon)