Tentacool #072
Water/Poison 2'11", 100 lbs
HP:    SP:
AT:    DF:
SA:    SD:
Red/Blue/Yellow GS
LevelMove LevelMove
-Acid -Poison Sting
7Supersonic 6Supersonic
13Wrap 12Wrap
18Poison Sting 19Acid
22Water Gun 25Bubblebeam
27Constrict 30Constrict
33Barrier 36Barrier
40Screech 43Screech
48Hydro Pump 49Hydro Pump

Compatible TMs:
03: Swords Dance   06: Toxic   09: Take Down
10: Double-Edge   11: Bubblebeam   12: Water Gun
13: Ice Beam   14: Blizzard   20: Rage
21: Mega Drain   31: Mimic   32: Double Team
33: Reflect   34: Bide   40: Skull Bash
44: Rest   50: Substitute   HM1: Cut
HM3: Surf

03: Curse   06: Toxic   10: Hidden Power
13: Snore   14: Blizzard   16: Icy Wind
17: Protect   18: Rain Dance   19: Giga Drain
20: Endure   21: Frustration   27: Return
32: Double Team   34: Swagger   35: Sleep Talk
36: Sludge Bomb   44: Rest   45: Attract
HM1: Cut   HM3: Surf   HM6: Whirlpool
Tentacool Tentacruel
Level 30
Drifts in shallow
seas. Anglers who
hook them by
accident are
often punished by
its stinging acid.
It can sometimes
be found all dry
and shriveled up
on a beach. Toss
it back into the
sea to revive it.
Fires beams of
light from its
clear eyes. Floats
around in shallow
waters and may
sting unwary
When the tide goes
out, dehydrated
can be found
washed up on
the shore.
It drifts aimless-
ly in waves. Very
difficult to see
in water, it may
not be noticed
until it stings.
Red/Blue: Routes 19-21 (Common)
Yellow: Routes 19-21 (Common)
Gold/Silver: Routes 40, 41, 26, 27, 19-21 (Common)