Victreebel #071
Grass/Poison 5'7", 34 lbs
HP:    SP:
AT:    DF:
SA:    SD:
Does not learn moves
naturally after evolving

Compatible TMs:
03: Swords Dance   06: Toxic   08: Body Slam
09: Take Down   10: Double-Edge   15: Hyper Beam
20: Rage   21: Mega Drain   22: Solarbeam
31: Mimic   32: Double Team   33: Reflect
34: Bide   44: Rest   50: Substitute
HM1: Cut

03: Curse   06: Toxic   10: Hidden Power
11: Sunny Day   12: Sweet Scent   13: Snore
15: Hyper Beam   17: Protect   19: Giga Drain
20: Endure   21: Frustration   22: Solarbeam
27: Return   32: Double Team   34: Swagger
35: Sleep Talk   36: Sludge Bomb   44: Rest
45: Attract   HM1: Cut   HM5: Flash
Bellsprout Weepinbell
Level 21
Leaf Stone
Said to live in
huge colonies
deep in jungles,
although no one
has ever returned
from there.
Lures prey with
the sweet aroma of
honey. Swallowed
whole, the prey is
melted in a day,
bones and all.
Attracts prey with
honey. Its prey
include bugs, nat-
urally, and even
large animals on
ACID that has dis-
solved many prey
becomes sweeter,
making it even
more effective at
attracting prey.
This horrifying
plant POKéMON
attracts prey with
aromatic honey,
then melts them
in its mouth.
Red/Blue: none (must evolve Weepinbell)
Yellow: none (must evolve Weepinbell)
Gold/Silver: none (must evolve Weepinbell)