Parasect #047
Bug/Grass 3'3", 65 lbs
HP:    SP:
AT:    DF:
SA:    SD:
Red/Blue/Yellow GS
LevelMove LevelMove
-Scratch -Scratch
-Stun Spore -Stun Spore
-Leech Life -PoisonPowder
30Spore -Leech Life
39Slash 28Spore
48Growth 37Slash
 55Giga Drain

Compatible TMs:
03: Swords Dance   06: Toxic   08: Body Slam
09: Take Down   10: Double-Edge   15: Hyper Beam
20: Rage   21: Mega Drain   22: Solarbeam
28: Dig   31: Mimic   32: Double Team
33: Reflect   34: Bide   40: Skull Bash
44: Rest   50: Substitute   HM1: Cut

03: Curse   06: Toxic   08: Rock Smash
10: Hidden Power   11: Sunny Day   12: Sweet Scent
13: Snore   15: Hyper Beam   17: Protect
19: Giga Drain   20: Endure   21: Frustration
22: Solarbeam   27: Return   28: Dig
32: Double Team   34: Swagger   35: Sleep Talk
36: Sludge Bomb   44: Rest   45: Attract
46: Thief   49: Fury Cutter   HM1: Cut
HM5: Flash
Paras Parasect
Level 24
A host-parasite
pair in which the
parasite mushroom
has taken over the
host bug. Prefers
damp places.
The bug host is
drained of energy
by the mushrooms
on its back. They
appear to do all
the thinking.
The bug host is
controlled by the
mushrooms that
scatter poisonous
spores. The spores
are sometimes used
as medicine in
It stays mostly in
dark, damp places,
the preference not
of the bug, but of
the big mushrooms
on its back.
The larger the
mushroom on its
back grows, the
stronger the
mushroom spores
it scatters.
Red/Blue: Unknown Dungeon, Safari Zone (Uncommon)
Yellow: Safari Zone (Uncommon)
Route 15 (Only 1)
Gold/Silver: none (must evolve Paras)