Gloom #044
Grass/Poison 2'7", 19 lbs
HP:    SP:
AT:    DF:
SA:    SD:
Red/Blue/Yellow GS
LevelMove LevelMove
-Absorb -Absorb
-PoisonPowder -Sweet Scent
-Stun Spore -PoisonPowder
-Sleep Powder -Stun Spore
28Acid -Sleep Powder
38Petal Dance 24Acid
52Solarbeam 35Moonlight
 44Petal Dance

Compatible TMs:
03: Swords Dance   06: Toxic   09: Take Down
10: Double-Edge   20: Rage   21: Mega Drain
22: Solarbeam   31: Mimic   32: Double Team
33: Reflect   34: Bide   44: Rest
50: Substitute   HM1: Cut

03: Curse   06: Toxic   10: Hidden Power
11: Sunny Day   12: Sweet Scent   13: Snore
17: Protect   19: Giga Drain   20: Endure
21: Frustration   22: Solarbeam   27: Return
32: Double Team   34: Swagger   35: Sleep Talk
36: Sludge Bomb   44: Rest   45: Attract
HM1: Cut   HM5: Flash
Oddish Gloom
Level 21
Leaf Stone
Sun Stone
The fluid that
oozes from its
mouth isn't drool.
It is a nectar
that is used to
attract prey.
Smells incredibly
foul! However,
around 1 out of
1,000 people enjoy
sniffing its nose-
bending stink.
The horrible-
smelling pistil of
this flower stinks
over a mile away.
Unwittingly in-
haled, it can
cause fainting.
What appears to be
drool is actually
sweet honey. It is
very sticky and
clings stubbornly
if touched.
It secretes a
sticky drool-like
honey. Although
sweet, it smells
too repulsive to
get very close.
Red/Blue: Routes 12-15 (Uncommon, Red Only)
Yellow: Routes 12-15, Unknown Dungeon (Uncommon)
Gold/Silver: Route 5 (Uncommon, Night only)