Golbat #042
Poison/Flying 5'3", 121 lbs
HP:    SP:
AT:    DF:
SA:    SD:
Red/Blue/Yellow GS
LevelMove LevelMove
-Leech Life -Leech Life
-Supersonic -Supersonic
-Bite -Bite
-Confuse Ray -Confuse Ray
32Wing Attack 30Wing Attack
43Haze 42Scary Face

Compatible TMs:
02: Razor Wind   04: Whirlwind   06: Toxic
09: Take Down   10: Double-Edge   15: Hyper Beam
20: Rage   21: Mega Drain   31: Mimic
32: Double Team   34: Bide   39: Swift
44: Rest   50: Substitute

03: Curse   06: Toxic   10: Hidden Power
11: Sunny Day   13: Snore   15: Hyper Beam
17: Protect   19: Giga Drain   20: Endure
21: Frustration   27: Return   32: Double Team
34: Swagger   35: Sleep Talk   39: Swift
43: Detect   44: Rest   45: Attract
46: Thief   47: Steel Wing
Zubat Golbat
Level 22
Once it strikes,
it will not stop
draining energy
from the victim
even if it gets
too heavy to fly.
It attacks in a
stealthy manner,
without warning.
Its sharp fangs
are used to bite
and suck blood.
Bites its prey and
feeds on the vict-
im's energy. Its
own blood type
changes to that of
its victim.
However hard its
victim's hide may
be, it punctures
with sharp fangs
and gorges itself
with blood.
It can drink more
then 10 ounces of
blood at once. If
it has too much,
it gets heavy and
flies clumsily.
Red/Blue: Seafoam Island, Victory Road,
Unknown Dungeon Ground Floor (Uncommon)

Yellow: Seafoam Island, Victory Road (Uncommon)
Unknown Dungeon (???)
Gold/Silver: Union Cave Lowest Level, Ice Path,
Tohjo Falls, Victory Road (Uncommon)

Slowpoke Well Lower Level, Mt. Mortar Upper Reaches,
Whirl Islands, Dark Cave Upper Reaches,

Most of Silver Cave (Rare)

Mt. Silver Highest Point (Common)