Kakuna #014
Bug/Poison 2', 22 lbs
HP:    SP:
AT:    DF:
SA:    SD:
Red/Blue   Yellow/GS
LevelMove   LevelMove
-Harden   -Harden

Compatible TMs:
Weedle Kakuna
Level 7
Level 10
Almost incapable
of moving, this
POKéMON can only
harden its shell
to protect itself
from predators.
Able to move only
slightly. When
endangered, it may
stick out its
stinger and poison
the enemy.
Because it is
virtually motion-
less, it may
appear dead.
Inside, however,
a new body is
being made.
Although it is a
cocoon, it can
move a little. It
can extend its
poison barb if
it is attacked.
From this form,
it will grow into
an adult. As its
body becomes soft-
er, the external
shell hardens.
Red/Blue: Viridian Forest (Red: Uncommon, Blue: Rare)
Routes 24-25 (Red: Uncommon, Blue: Rare)
Yellow: none
Gold/Silver: Routes 30-31 (Uncommon, Silver only, not at Night)
Ilex Forest (Uncommon, Silver only, not at Night)
Bug Catchers' Tournament (Uncommon)
Route 2 (Uncommon, Silver only, not at Night)