Weedle #013
Bug/Poison 1', 7 lbs
HP:    SP:
AT:    DF:
SA:    SD:
-Poison Sting
-String Shot

Compatible TMs:
Weedle Kakuna
Level 7
Level 10
Often found in
forests, eating
It has a sharp
venomous stinger
on its head.
Beware of the
sharp stinger on
its head. It hides
in grass and
bushes where
it eats leaves.
A common sight in
forests and grassy
areas. Has a
poison stinger on
its head that may
be used if you
step on it.
Its poison stinger
is very powerful.
Its bright-colored
body is intended
to warn off
its enemies.
It attacks using a
two-inch poison
barb on its head.
It can usually be
found under the
leaves it eats.
Red/Blue: Route 2 (Rare, Red only)
Viridian Forest (Red: Common, Blue: Rare)
Routes 24-25 (Red: Common, Blue: Rare)
Yellow: none
Gold/Silver: Routes 30-31 (Common, Silver only, not at Night)
Ilex Forest (Common, Silver only, not at Night)
Bug Catchers' Tournament (Uncommon)
Route 2 (Common, Silver only, not at Night)