Metapod #011
Bug 2'4", 22 lbs
HP:    SP:
AT:    DF:
SA:    SD:
Red/Blue   Yellow/GS
LevelMove   LevelMove
-Harden   -Harden

Compatible TMs:
Caterpie Metapod
Level 7
Level 10
This POKéMON is
vulnerable to
attack while its
shell is soft,
exposing its weak
and tender body.
Hardens its shell
to protect itself.
However, a large
impact may cause
it to pop out of
its shell.
When it hardens,
only the external
shell is trans-
formed. The inside
remains tender.
Inside the shell,
it is soft and
weak as it pre-
pares to evolve.
It stays motion-
less in its shell.
It prepares for
evolution by hard-
ening its shell
as much as poss-
ible to protect
its soft body.
Red/Blue: Viridian Forest (Red: Rare, Blue: Uncommon)
Routes 24-25 (Red: Rare, Blue: Uncommon)
Yellow: Viridian Forest (Common)
Gold/Silver: Routes 30-31 (Uncommon, Gold only, not at Night)
Ilex Forest (Uncommon, Gold only, not at Night)
National Park (Common, not at Night)
Bug Catchers' Tournament (Uncommon)
Route 2 (Uncommon, Gold only, not at Night)