Caterpie #010
Bug 1', 6 lbs
HP:    SP:
AT:    DF:
SA:    SD:
-String Shot

Compatible TMs:
Caterpie Metapod
Level 7
Level 10
Its short feet
are tipped with
suction pads that
enable it to
tirelessly climb
slopes and walls.
If you touch the
feeler on top of
its head, it will
release a horrible
stink to protect
It has large, eye-
like patterns on
its head as
protection. They
are used to
frighten off
For protection it
releases a horr-
ible stench from
the antenna on
its head to drive
away enemies.
Its feet have
suction cups
designed to stick
to any surface. It
tenaciously climbs
trees to forage.
Red/Blue: Route 2 (Rare, Blue only)
Viridian Forest (Red: Rare, Blue: Common)
Routes 24-25 (Red: Rare, Blue: Common)
Yellow: Viridian Forest (Common)
Gold/Silver: Routes 30-31 (Common, Gold only, not at Night)
Ilex Forest (Common, Gold only, not at Night)
National Park (Common, not at Night)
Bug Catchers' Tournament (Uncommon)
Route 2 (Common, Gold only, not at Night)