Pokémon Moves Listing

????-type Moves

Curse(When used by Ghost-types)10 PPTM 3 (GS only)
User loses half of total HP
Enemy loses nearly 1/4 total HP every turn

Curse(When used by Non-Ghost-types)10 PPTM 3 (GS only)
Lowers user's Speed one level (maximum six levels)
Raises user's Attack one level (maximum six levels)
Raises user's Defense one level (maximum six levels)

Hidden PowerStrength x99% Accuracy15 PPTM 10 (GS only)
Attack type and strength of attack are derived from complex formulae
involving hidden values that determine a pokémon's rate of
stat growth through level-gaining
Strength ranges from 30 to 70
Attack type could be anything except Normal
Strength and attack type don't change for one pokémon, but might
be different for two pokémon of the same species