Pokémon Moves Listing

Rock-type Moves

Strong against Bug, Fire, Flying and Ice; weak against Fighting, Ground, Rock and Steel
AncientPowerStrength 6099% Accuracy5 PPNo TM
Chance to raise user's Attack, Defense, Speed,
Special Attack and Special Defense by one level
(maximum six levels)

Rock SlideStrength 7590% Accuracy10 PPTM 48 (RYB only)
Chance to make enemy flinch30%

Rock ThrowStrength 5090% Accuracy15 PPNo TM

RolloutStrength 30*90% Accuracy20 PPTM 4 (GS only)
Attack lasts for five turns or until it misses; each hit
does twice the damage done by the previous hit
Strength returns to normal after miss or fifth hit

Sandstorm10 PPTM 37 (GS only)
For five turns, any pokémon that is not Ground,
Rock or Steel-type takes a little damage each turn