Pokémon Moves Listing

Poison-type Moves

Strong against Grass; weak against Ghost, Ground, Poison and Rock; does not affect Steel
Note: In R/Y/B Poison-type attacks are also strong against Bug

AcidStrength 4099% Accuracy30 PPNo TM
Chance to lower enemy's Defense by one level
(maximum six levels)

Acid Armor40 PPNo TM
Raises user's Defense by two levels (maximum six levels)

Poison Gas55% Accuracy40 PPNo TM
Poisons enemy

PoisonPowder75% Accuracy35 PPNo TM
Poisons enemy

Poison StingStrength 1599% Accuracy35 PPNo TM
Chance to poison enemy30%

SludgeStrength 6599% Accuracy20 PPNo TM
Chance to poison enemy30%

Sludge BombStrength 9099% Accuracy10 PPTM 36 (GS only)
Chance to poison enemy30%

SmogStrength 2070% Accuracy20 PPNo TM
Chance to poison enemy40%

Toxic85% Accuracy10 PPTM 6
Poisons enemy; damage from poison
increases by initial amount each turn