Pokémon Moves Listing

Ground-type Moves

Strong against Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock and Steel; weak against Bug and Grass; does not affect Flying
Bone ClubStrength 6585% Accuracy20 PPNo TM
Chance to make enemy flinch10%

BonemerangStrength 5090% Accuracy10 PPNo TM
Attack hits twice per turn

Bone RushStrength 2580% Accuracy10 PPNo TM
Strikes 2 to 5 times per turn

DigStrength 6099% Accuracy10 PPTM 28
Two turn attack, damage dealt on second turn
During first turn, most attacks cannot hit user
Outside-of-battle effect: escape from caves and some buildings
In RYB, surface at last Pokémon Center visited
In GS, surface at entrance to cave/building

EarthquakeStrength 10099% Accuracy10 PPTM 26

Fissure30% Accuracy5 PPTM 27 (RYB only)
Makes enemy faint (One-hit K.O.)

MagnitudeStrength x99% Accuracy30 PPNo TM
Attack strength is randomly chosen
Magnitude 4: Strength 10
Magnitude 5: Strength 30
Magnitude 6: Strength 50
Magnitude 7: Strength 70
Magnitude 8: Strength 90
Magnitude 9: Strength 110
Magnitude 10: Strength 150

Mud-SlapStrength 2099% Accuracy10 PPTM 31 (GS only)
Lowers enemy's accuracy by one level (maximum six levels)

Sand-Attack99% Accuracy15 PPNo TM
Lowers enemy's Accuracy by one level
(maximum six levels)
Can affect Flying-types
Note: In R/Y/B, Sand-Attack is Normal-type

Spikes100% Accuracy20 PPNo TM
If enemy trainer switches pokémon,
non-Flying-types take a little damage