Pokémon Moves Listing

Ghost-type Moves

Strong against Ghost and Psychic; weak against Dark and Steel; does not effect Normal
Confuse Ray99% Accuracy10 PPNo TM
Confuses enemy

Destiny Bond5 PPNo TM
If user faints, enemy will also faint
(effect lost if either pokémon is recalled)

LickStrength 2099% Accuracy30 PPNo TM
Chance to Paralyze enemy30%

Nightmare100% Accuracy15 PPTM 50 (GS only)
Only works on sleeping enemies; enemy loses 1/4 full HP
every turn until it wakes up, faints or is recalled

Night ShadeStrength x99% Accuracy15 PPNo TM
Damage done is equal to user's level

Shadow BallStrength 8099% Accuracy15 PPTM 30 (GS only)
Chance to lower enemy's Special Defense
by two levels (maximum six levels)

Spite100% Accuracy*10 PPNo TM
Enemy loses 2 to 5 PP for the last move it used
*Move fails if enemy has not yet used a move