Pokémon Moves Listing

Dark-type Moves

Strong against Ghost and Psychic; weak against Dark, Fighting and Steel
Beat UpStrength 1099% Accuracy10 PPNo TM
Attacks as many times per turn as the number of pokémon in
your party; pokémon with status problems are not included

BiteStrength 6099% Accuracy25 PPNo TM
Chance to make enemy flinch30%
Note: In R/Y/B, Bite is Normal-type

CrunchStrength 8099% Accuracy15 PPNo TM
Chance to lower enemy's Special Defense
by one level (maximum six levels)

Faint AttackStrength 60100% Accuracy20 PPNo TM
Attack will never miss, no matter how hard target is to hit

PursuitStrength 4099% Accuracy20 PPNo TM
If enemy trainer switches pokémon this turn, attack
will hit retreating pokémon for double damage

ThiefStrength 4099% Accuracy10 PPTM 46 (G/S only)
If enemy is holding an item, user will steal it (user must not
already be holding an item)