Pokémon Moves Listing

Bug-type Moves

Strong against Dark, Grass and Psychic; weak against Fighting, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Poison and Steel
Note: In R/Y/B Bug-type attacks are strong against Poison instead of weak

Fury CutterStrength 10*95% Accuracy20 PPTM 49 (G/S only)
Attack lasts five turns or until it misses; each hit after the first will do twice the
damage the previous did (strength returns to normal after a miss or fifth hit)

Leech LifeStrength 2099% Accuracy15 PPNo TM
User restores half as much HP as target loses

MegahornStrength 12085% Accuracy10 PPNo TM

Pin MissileStrength 1485% Accuracy20 PPNo TM
Strikes 2 to 5 times per turn

Spider Web99% Accuracy10 PPNo TM
Prevents wild pokémon from running, or trainers from switching

String Shot95% Accuracy40 PPNo TM
Lowers enemy's Speed one level (maximum six levels)

TwineedleStrength 2599% Accuracy20 PPNo TM
Strikes twice in one turn; chance to Poison enemy20%