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Last update: 12/7/04

/cough cough/ Excuse me. There's a /cough/ lot of dust over here. Some day I'll get to a real, there are two changes to the Pokésongs section. First, the Gray Ghost Emailed me (well, actually, he Emailed me back in January, but at least I got to it eventually!) with some background information on the song Ya Got Trouble, on which my Pokésong Codes is based. Now, not only are the early-twentieth-century brand names spelled correctly, there's also an explanation of just what everything a term to visit the Ya Got Trouble Glossary and find out what this guy's talking about. Second, the person who suggested I'm Lance's Dragon and submitted Friend's Got a Ditto has asked that his name be withdrawn; this has been done.
I guess, as long as I'm here, I shall regale you with tales of what will come to Pokémology when I finally return to it (no, school isn't still busy. I graduated. Now, my job's busy, quite aside from my work at the Pokémon Factory where I have wound up in the position of Acting Webmaster.) I will be going back to a frameless layout. I am redesigning the Pokédex with some higher-level coding; it will include information from Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red and Leaf Green versions, and possibly Emerald and Diamond/Pearl if it takes that long to get the thing off the ground. Also, I am slowly working on Pokémology's first Country/Western Pokésong. And, of course, I will produce a Chapter 175 at that time if I have to beat it out of myself with a meat tenderizer. Here's hoping it will be before summer, Poryhedron signing off.

Update from 2/4/03:
Behold, I live! I returned to school in late January, and things got busy a whole lot more quickly than I expected. In fact, I don't even have time for a proper update now; all I have is Lickitung. I'm considering just plain dumping the whole "regular weekly updates" thing and updating whenever I find time, which means I might happen to update on a Thursday or something if that's when I can manage it. We'll see. Here's hoping I can finish Chapter 175 before too long...

Update from 1/13/03:
Regrettably, I have not been able to produce a new chapter of Ditto! this week either, but I have completed Pokédex entries for Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan.

Update from 1/6/03:
Welcome to 2003! "Yay." I present Cubone and Marowak, and, as always, apologize for the updating I didn't do. I've actually altered Ditto!'s index page, since the old page is no longer accurate (if, indeed, it ever was.)

Update from 12/30/02:
...I'm not even going to say anything...well, other than that Chapter 174 is up and that I ought to be able to continue with regular updates after this.

Update from 11/24/02:
Today Voltorb and Electrode arrive in the pokédex. Tomorrow I might get a new chapter up; I'm not sure how much time I'll have, but we'll see.

Update from 11/18/02:
...guh. I finally finished Chapter 173, but it took so long that I don't have a Pokédex update this week. Oh, let's see...the Celadon Police continue to show up, whole new sides to Charizard and Santiago...blah blah blah, go read the chapter.

Update from 11/12/02:
...or not. /kicks stubborn unfinished chapter/ And this one's important, too...Oh well. I'll get it done as soon as I can.

Update from 11/11/02:
Drat...Out of time to work tonight and I don't have the next chapter of Ditto! ready yet. I do have Krabby and Kingler, though...and since today is Veteran's Day and I don't have classes, I'll go ahead and finish the chapter and get it up for tomorrow.

Update from 11/4/02:
Well, obviously I'm none too consistent in getting updates on Sundays either...but at least weekly updates of some sort seem to be returning. This week I have finished Chapter 172, and this encounter is getting blissfully close to completion...I've also uploaded Drowzee and Hypno. Oh, and one other thing...I just recently noticed that the text version of Ditto! still had my F2S URL on it...d'oh. That has been fixed this week. If you ever notice such errors in your browsing, please don't be shy. They don't get fixed until I find out about them one way or the other.
I have the distinct impression I was going to say something else here...oh well. If it were important I'd remember it. I hope. See you next week!

Update from 10/28/02:
My ability to work on this site is being hurt rather badly...not only are academic demands increasing like nothing I've ever seen, something unfortunate has happened to the network from which I work, so any online activity has become difficult. This week, all I have is Onix, but Chapter 172 is in progress. I'm going to try to get the Santiago encounter over with at this point. Ditto! Gary's Story: Poster Child for Better Story Structuring.../sigh/

Update from 10/21/02:
In a marvelous bit of irony, nothing on the site that typically gets updated has been updated this week due to time constraints, but two sections that are only very rarely updated have! In the Pokésongs section, I have finished the planned expansion of I Ain't Missingo. At All so that it fits the original song better, and have reinstalled the Suggest A Pokésong form! You can use it to send me ideas for new songs. Also, a new Midi has been added to the Pokégear Radio: the final level from an old NES game that a large number of you have probably never heard of. Why is it here? Because I happen to like it so much that it has been designated Poryhedron's Theme...and now it's finally available in Midi form!

Update from 10/13/02:
Ha HA! Two updates in a row! Behold! Chapter 171 is up (anyone else get the feeling this encounter is drawing out far longer than necessary?) and so are Gastly, Haunter and Gengar.

Update from 10/6/02:
Okay, after missing a few more updates, I have decided that something has to be done. As of now, I am changing update days from Monday to Sunday; hopefully this will make it easier for me to make updates on time.
Shellder and Cloyster are now uploaded; Chapter 171 is pending.

Update from 9/18/02:
Um...yeah. My school year started not long after the last update, so I've been busy with getting set up in my dorm and getting organized with classes...not to mention work at the Pokémon Factory. Only recently did I have time to work on my own site for a change...and then a glitch in FTP prevented me from uploading the update until now.
Chapter 170 is up. Seel and Dewgong are finally up. In fact, thanks to the assistance of Rob Hayes (yet again,) Persian is finally up. So are Grimer and Muk. Here's hoping I'll be able to make another update relatively soon...

Update from 8/19/02:
If it's not one thing around here...I finally finished Chapter 169, but data problems have held up the completion of Seel's Pokédex entry. Fortunately, the problem with Seel should be easier to deal with than the problem with Persian (remember Persian? I still haven't been able to complete that one!) so I should have Seel and Dewgong by next week. I also hope to have both Chapter 170 and the Grimer family, but we'll just have to see.

Update from 8/12/02:
There should have been a chapter this week...but a problem I haven't had to worry about in a while has returned. Writer's block. In the meantime, I've got Farfetch'd, Doduo and Dodrio up...I'll try my best over this coming week to work out the next chapter.

Update from 8/05/02:
This week's update is a rather odd one...instead of a chapter of Ditto! and Pokédex entries for one pokémon family, I have only Pokédex entries for two pokémon families, Ponyta and Magnemite. There should be a chapter next week...and there may even be two more families again as well! We'll see...

Update from 7/29/02:
Well, here's a new one...I warned you two weeks ago that this update might be late, and as it turns out, it's not! Wa ha! Not only that, I've got both parts of a standard update; the next chapter of Ditto! and the next family of pokémon in the Pokédex (Ponyta)! Who knows...I may actually get this place somewhat busy again!

Update from 7/21/02:
Welcome to tomorrow's noted last week, I won't be able to do this tomorrow because I won't be here. Unfortunately, preparations for next week have occupied enough of my time so that I do not have a new chapter of Ditto! now, but I have added Geodude's family to the Pokédex...which puts me about halfway through the RBY generation...after roughly a year of work. I believe the word is d'oh.

Update from 7/15/02:
Well, the fact of the matter was I had nothing by update time last week. This week, though, I've got Tentacool and Tentacruel, and Chapter 167.
The update for next week may have to be...early! I'll bet you weren't expecting that one...I'm going to have zero time to work on this site during the week of July 22nd, so if I get the chance, I'll put up the 22nd's update before things out here get hectic...the 29th's update may be late for the same reason.

Update from 7/01/02:
I've added Bellsprout & Co. to the Pokédex. The next chapter of Ditto! isn't ready, though. I'm going to try to keep up weekly updates even if they aren't as complete as they should be.

Update from 6/24/02:
Okay, it's gotten to the point where my updates are monthly. This is bad, very bad...kinda.
See, I say kinda because what's kept me away is my work as a staff member at The Pokémon Factory, which has most definitely reopened to the public at last! /plays a brief fanfare on several random musical instruments/ Be sure to visit...when you're done checking out this update, that is!
Today the usual stuff gets updated; Chapter 166 of Ditto! Gary's Story is up, and the next pokémon family, which happens to be Machop, has been added to the Pokédex. But wait--there's more! The update you least expected...the update you'd probably forgotten was going to happen...the update that is going to surprise the heck out of the person responsible! I have finally finished the pending Pokésong! /Suddenly remembers mentioning it last update/ ...D'oh. Well, so maybe it's not that surprising, though it is to the person who has no doubt forgotten suggesting it entirely. In any case, go check out It's The End of the Road For All Trainers, based on REM's It's The End of the World As We Know It. What's next for the Pokésongs? Well, I've been thinking about reworking I Ain't Missingno. At All, the first Pokésong I wrote; unlike the later ones it doesn't fit the structure of the song it's based on. And eventually I'm going to set up the request form again...

Update from 5/27/02:
Monday, April 29. End-of-term projects taking up all of my time.
Monday, May 6. Studying for finals taking up all of my time.
Monday, May 13. Getting settled at my summer location taking up all of my time.
Monday, May 20. Work on the Pokémon Factory taking up all of my time.
Today. PF is thiiis close to opening and I finally have time to update my own site. Chapter 165 is up, and so is Abra's family. Also, speaking of things that are thiis close, I'm almost ready, after somewhere around a year or longer, to put up my latest Pokésong. Only half a line remains to be written; I just hope I can get that done and out of the way at last. Speaking of adding Pokésongs, I did add one today; that fan-written one I mentioned a month and a half ago. Based on the oddly named 19-2000 by the Gorillaz, first-rate fan Rob Hayes has written Get the Right Pokémon, an ode to the very first choice trainers must make on their journeys. There's also a change to an earlier Pokésong, The Safari Zone, that was long in coming.

Update from 4/29/02:
Just a note: it's crunch time for me academically. You may have noticed I didn't update last week. I don't have time for a real update this week, and next week isn't looking good either. By the week after, however, I should have quite a bit more free time, so updates will resume then; I might even make up for these three weeks. We'll see.

Update from 4/15/02:
The one-facet updates continue, this time thanks to the time I've been putting into the reopening of the Pokémon Factory. We're making real progress in getting the site itself ready to open. What I have for you is Poliwag through Poliwrath, a mistake fixed in the Pokésongs section and a fervent hope that this sort of thing doesn't last much longer.

Update from 4/8/02:
Whew. Chapter 164 is finally done. Unfortunately, it took so long that I don't have a Pokédex update this week. That and I've got another fan-submitted Pokésong still waiting to be put up...I remember when updates used to be somewhat decent quality around here.

Update from 4/1/02:
Argh! What is this, close to a month now I've been trying to finish this stupid chapter that refuses to be written!? Growlithe and Arcanine are up; Chapter 164 isn't. I briefly considered doing something for April Fool's Day, but April Fool's Day here last year went pretty horribly, so I'm just not going to bother.

Update from 3/25/02:
Gah. For some reason this section of the story is difficult to write...Chapter 164 isn't ready to go up yet. In the meantime, I've done Mankey and Primeape. Hope to have a better update for you next week!

Update from 3/11/02:
Okay, now Chapter 163 is up, as are Psyduck and Golduck. I also made an overdue change to the Legalities page. I almost solved the Persian problem, but something else went wrong that means I'm not likely to get it taken care of for quite a while yet.
A few people have been E-mailing me saying they can't reach the site. Since this server has been working smoothly so far, the problem seems to be that they didn't notice the URL I provided on the 25th and were still going to my old F2S address. If you've pointed a friend to this site in the past and now (s)he can't access it, maybe (s)he just hasn't yet heard about! (Hah! I didn't link to it that time!)

Update from 3/4/02:
Welcome to the new server! This one should stick around for a good long while. I've also made it easier to access: Pokémology may now be reached at! (Obviously you don't need to follow that link because you're already here, but I just enjoy writing link code to! ^_^)
Anyway, the first update on the new server consists of...Meowth. Yup, that's it, actually. An attack of writer's block hit and only let go when I wouldn't have time to finish Chapter 163 tonight anyway...yeah, real funny, psyche! Yuk it up! Also, Persian could not be added to the Pokédex with Meowth because there's a rather serious problem with the data I have on it and I couldn't access the game version in question to learn the truth.
Actually, there are two other things that did get changed earlier and didn't get mentioned until now. Both are in the Moves section of the Pokédex: first, with the weakening of the PokéMasters due to bandwidth troubles, I had to delete the link to one of their pages in my Hidden Power entry because that page no longer exists. Also, I learned I had the wrong effect listed for Sleep Talk, so I've fixed that.
Tune in next week to (/smacks self/ stop that!) for the update that should have been here this week. I will have Psyduck and Golduck whether or not I'm able to finish Persian as well.

Update from 2/25/02:
This week's update has been shelved in favor of work toward moving the site to its new server. There are some problems (aren't there always,) so the new site doesn't work yet; when it does it will be here.
This F2S site will stop working on or after February 28, no matter what the condition of the new site, so update your bookmarks/Favorites as soon as possible. This is the last news update I will post to F2S.

Update from 2/19/02:
Chances are good you're reading this on the 20th at least, because this update took place Tuesday evening. I just don't have anywhere near as much time on Mondays as I'd hoped. Anyway, Chapter 162 is up, and while allusions to the close of the last chapter are unavoidable, it's largely behind us.
News on the server move (remember that?): I have, at this point, less than two weeks to get it done, and I still don't have the info I need from F2S. I'm just going to give up on them and make a choice. By next update, I just might have a new URL to give you; we'll see.

Update from 2/18/02:
I couldn't get Chapter 162 done for today. It's almost done, but not there yet. I'll upload it tonight. I have added Diglett and Dugtrio to the Pokédex.

Update from 2/11/02:
Page 9 begins.
I'm sorry if it offends anyone. Not even I saw that one coming. Comments welcome.
By the way, welcome Venonat and Venomoth to the Pokédex.

Update from 2/04/02:
Woohoo! Two updates on time in a row! Go me!
Page 8 closes...and that means a big event. You thought the Santiago battle was big before...if you've gotten used to my predictable plot points, this one oughta throw you for a loop.
The Pokédex gains Paras and Parasect...and the Pokésongs gain a new fan-sent work! That's right, for the second time, a Pokémology fan has sent in an entire Pokésong. From the mind that asked me to bring you I'm Lance's Dragon comes an ode to pokémon that just won't pull their share of the load; based on Offspring's Why Don't You Get a Job, it's Friend's Got a Ditto (thankfully, no relation to a certain other Ditto!)

Update from 1/28/02:
Sorry about last week; classes have started again and that means moving back into the ol' dormitory, which took up my time. I've got Chapter 159 ready for this week, not to mention Oddish, Gloom and Vileplume for the Pokédex. I should get better about updates again as my schedule settles back into a proper pattern.
I've gotten more than one E-mail about a possible new server for Pokémology, but I can't actually choose one yet; I need to get some important information from my current host, and they're being rather unresponsive. I will have a place to move Pokémology by the time I lose my space here, but I might have to cut it close. I'll let you know when I'm ready to make the move.

Update from 1/14/02:
...been a while.
I could start up a long and tragic list of delays starting with finals and going straight through to a romantic tragedy in the family, or I could just get to the update. Chapter 158 is finally up, with a battle that's eventually going to change a few things around here. Also, I have more Pokédex pages, this time Vulpix through Golbat (sorry, but going in ID order means I won't get to Crobat for a good long while yet.)
Speaking of changing around here, something quite major is going to happen to Pokémology relatively soon: yet another server change. F2S is planning to cut off its free hosting service at the end of February, and, grateful to have some warning for once, I am shopping around for a new host. Literally shopping; with fewer and fewer free hosts that fit my needs, I have given up on all of them and am planning on buying space. That should hopefully be an end to the server moves, and it guarantees that I won't have to fit a banner ad into my layout on the new server.
In other news, the last few lines of my latest Pokésong continue to elude me, and as I told one fan who E-mailed me to ask about the almost-two-month-long delay, I have something else conspiring to take up my time: the revival of the Pokémon Factory, an old site that takes reader suggestions and creates fake Pokédex entries of new pokémon. The site itself is not fully up yet, but the Suggestions Board (which it is my job to manage) is in place if you want to check it out.

Update from 11/19/01:
I didn't have time to write a new chapter this time around; I'll add one as soon as I can. This week's Pokédex entries, Clefairy and Clefable, are ready now, though, so I'm going to go ahead and upload them now.

Update from 11/12/01:
What odder way to celebrate Veteran's Day than with the beginning of a battle? That's right, all the "drawing near" stuff is finally over and done with. Chapter 157 is the confrontation between our heroes and Santiago that will end as none of you (well, hopefully very few of you) will expect!
In the meantime, Nidoran has been added to the Pokédex. ...hmm? Which one? Both! Once again, the loss of an update to unwelcome scholarly pursuits last week means twice the Pokédex update this week. I just look forward to the time when I can churn them out at a pace that is actually faster...I might in mid-to-late December, but with my life, one never can tell.

Update from 10/29/01:
I've got nothing much to say here, just the usual: Chapter 156 is up, with one confrontation beginning as another draws to a close and a third looms not all that far away, and Sandshrew has been added to the Pokédex. I'd love to able to move faster there, but I just don't have the opportunity. Possibly Thanksgiving, and definitely Christmas, will give me chances to jump forward, but not Halloween. It's just not special enough, I suppose.

Update from 10/22/01:
Well, on the minus side, last week's update got swallowed up by academic and social demands on my time for a whole week, but on the plus side, I finally got an update done for Monday, when they're supposed to be up! (Crowd cheers appreciatively, and then asks to be paid)
Chapter 155 is up, inching ever closer to this month's novelty-losing Big Battle...and to make up for lost time, I've got both Ekans and Pikachu added to the Pokédex! (Waits for cheering until it dawns on him that he's done a tenth of the 251 pokémon in two months) Eheheh...d'oh.

Update from 10/09/01: of these days I'm going to get an update done on time, just you wait. Curse schoolwork for always coming first! Anyway, Chapter 154 is up and so is the Spearow family.

Update from 10/02/01:
Ack! This time I am only a day late, but wasn't expecting it! I think I'm getting bad at this...anyway, Chapter 153 is up, clearing up a few matters. Rattata is up; Spearow is not. Neither is the other Pokésong I'm still working on. Times like this I wish I really were an advanced AI program; they don't get headaches.

Update from 9/24/01:
You'd think I would have learned by now. The Pidgey family is up, but not Rattata yet. I feel pretty much like a Slowpoke at this point. Rattata by the next update. Since it only has two forms, I might (accent on might) manage Spearow as well.
On the other hand, the update you never expected has come (well, actually you expected it a while ago, but have probably given up by now.) A new Pokésong is up! Check out Lorelei, Accept My Challenge (Lorelei's among the RBY Elite Four if you've forgotten why Will's room has ice in it.) The Chorus That Just Wouldn't Rhyme has finally given in to an odd bit of approximate rhyme that I personally feel a little leery about...but I heard it in a song on the radio, and that's enough endorsement for me. It does sound rather passable if you say it with the right accent...Anyway, that just leaves one left on the back burner, and when that's done I may reopen the request page.
And, of course, a new chapter of Ditto! The Battle for the Badge comes to its distressing, but slightly predictable conclusion...and a Ditto! Gym tradition gets ready to bite the dust in the next chapter.

Update from 9/17/01:
As promised, here's the Weedle family, appearing now and forevermore in Poryhedron's Pokédex. Next update: Pidgey, hopefully Rattata and maybe even Spearow.
...I tried...but I just couldn't get another chapter done for today's update. If you only come here Mondays (and there's usually nothing wrong with that,) there's a new chapter anyway because I put one up Friday (read the details below.)

Update from 9/14/01:
In the words of a message board friend of mine, I have but one thing to say, and that thing is ouch.
When I said this update would be late, I said "as much as a full day" and meant it. I did not realize that (1) the family business that made the update late would last as long as it did, or that (2) it would have repercussions that made my offline life suddenly very busy at a time when I was fully expecting it to be more calm than things have been in the past.
No, there is nothing wrong with the site (I suppose I should be glad I was asked this instead of "where's the next chapter, you lazy good-for-nothing webmaster?") Hopefully, this kind of delay will not happen again in the near future. I've given up on making statements about the far future.
As if that isn't bad enough, this update is not as large as I'd wanted it to be. Chapter 151 is up, of course, but only Caterpie's family has been added to the Pokédex. There is a complication with Weedle (of all pokémon!) that is holding up its entry. I mean to fix that by the next update. No, seriously.
The next update will be three days from now, on Monday like they usually are. I am not changing to a Friday schedule (though I briefly considered it.) I just wanted this late late update up as soon as possible.

Update from 8/27/01:
Let the battle begin! Chapter 150 finally gets to the point...well, one of the points. Can you imagine Santiago's face when he finds out?
In less face-recalling news, the Pokédex now has information on all three of the classic starters. I hope to get at least as far as Beedrill by the next update.
Speaking of the next update, it's going to be late--possibly by as much as a full day--due to an obligation in my offline life. Consider yourself warned. See you then!

Update from 8/20/01:
Events are working toward another Team Rocket confrontation in Chapter 149. In fact, Gary, Kate and Team Rocket are all progressing a lot faster than I am on the Pokédex. Working in numerical order, I have completed the pokémon entries as far as Venusaur, and have gotten annoyed at real life's habit of throwing unexpected hang-ups in the way of work. I guess you can expect that completion bar to crawl for a while.
Speaking of distractions from work on Pokémology, I will eventually be joining the staff of another new web that's actually a reincarnation of an old favorite. It's still in the planning stages; I'll let you know when it gets off the ground.

Update from 8/13/01:
Chapter 148 introduces a whole new problem. Bet you didn't see that one coming! Note: I have, most unfortunately, never seen the anime episode Pokémon Scent-sation!, and do not know the name of Erika's perfume company. I named it here after reading three different episode summaries and not finding even a hint that the company had a name. If I'm wrong, correct me and I'll be glad to change it.
I finished putting together the Search by Type lists for the Pokédex. All that remains to be done, then, is the hardest part: the pokémon data pages themselves.

Update from 8/06/01:
Chapter 147 takes Gary and Kate--and Team Rocket's spy--through Saffron City. Things are looking better for a period of uninterrupted work on the Pokédex sometime close to the next chapter.

Update from 7/30/01:
The first new chapter of Ditto! Gary's Story to be written in months is up. Read Chapter 146 for a stunning revelation from Ditto! Also, I'm working on the Pokédex whenever I get the chance (which isn't often lately, but that should change before long [wishes on a star while knocking on wood with a finger-crossed hand]).

Update from 7/24/01:
After much tinkering, I've finally completed the site...with the exception of the Pokédex. The front page displays how far along that is until it's done.
I realize some people will miss the previous layout, but given the huge number of pages in Pokémology, sidebars without frames require SSI, and a frightening number of free webhosts don't allow SSI, so this is how it is.
If you see something wrong with the new layout, don't be shy! I can only fix it if it's pointed out to me.