Yes, it's time for everyone's favorite site feature, the © stuff! Okay, let's see...
The concept of Pokémon is jointly © by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures (whoever they are.) This includes Porygon, obviously. Poryhedron and Poryracer are my own creations, as is the name Pokémology (I suspect I am the only person so far, others quoting me notwithstanding, even to refer to such a branch of science.)
The picture of Poryhedron in the upper left corner is my own work, for the most part (credit goes to MasterNicky for aid in making it work right, and to Nintendo for the picture of the character 'X' from which the Poryhedron picture was designed.) The pokémon pictures found in the Pokédex, and the Midi files in the Pokégear Radio, are public property. Credit is not necessary, though I do suggest you correctly name the Midi files if you use them on your site.
The characters Gary Ford, Kate Fields, Tod Frost, Bonnie, Clyde, Brad and others I'm too lazy to list are my own creations, as are the personalities of any of Gary's pokémon that I have seen fit to grant personalities. Any characters I have borrowed from the original Game Boy game Pokémon are © by Nintendo...I think. Any characters I have borrowed from the Pokémon anime are no doubt © by whoever makes the anime, with at least some of the credit going to 4Kids. The inspiration for "The Seven Deadly Twins" is credited to my sister. The assorted icons used to represent pokémon speech are not my own works, and are credited to Slimu's PokéDOME, The PokéMasters, The Pokémon Factory and various fans of this site. There is a small chance that one or more icons came from a source other than these, in which case I apologize for forgetting you.
The songs listed on the right side of the Pokésongs index are all © by the various artists listed with them. The Pokésongs listed as written by others are the creations of those fans as far as they are different from the songs they are based on. The other Pokésongs are my own creations as far as they are different from the songs they are based on, and in some cases beyond the suggestions provided by the listed suggestors.
I think that's it...